The concept of Categories rather than subforums

When you start a new thread, you can and should choose a category for it. It helps others read the stuff they want to. Here is a screenshot of what it looks like to create a new thread and choose a category.

It defaults to a category of “uncategorized,” but I think for most topics, a category should be chosen. We can easily add more categories as needed, feel free to suggest them.

I like the idea of categories rather than pouring all the threads into a pool.
Very efficient.

Yeah it is interesting, so when you browse, you can choose to display only specific categories:

The above screen cap shows just the topics in the “Site feedback” category.

So I don’t have those buttons for “site feedback” “Latest” etc.

Confirmed with a test account. Thank you.

I am not sure why that is but will research.

It was hidden by the banner as I tried to make it bigger, and screwed up the formatting.

Can now see those, but the banner is silly small. Will look for a different solution for that.

Sorry, not helpful. Will save the silliness for when this place gets the kinks worked out

Can we start catagories of our own?

I don’t believe so, and right now only I can create new ones I believe, buy that may be something that could be enabled for,higher trust level users.

Eh…i was just being sarcastic. No worries

I like that actually it makes it more organaized.