TFB's Tampa Bay and the Saints Game Thread 9/13/2020

You all ready for this?

I’m calling a loss for Tampa opening day.

I’ll tune in after the Patriots 5th quarter.

Yep. Me too.

TB with the INT. 14-7 Saints.

Very undisciplined front 7 for Tampa on that 4 and 1. Geez.

I feel like I might be alone on this, but I am not rooting for too much success for Brady. I didn’t like his behavior here last year and I’d prefer it if the Patriots do better without him, than he does without them.


You are not alone. I am findinging myself rooting against him like he jilted me as a lover for a shit head.

^ This

I really enjoyed the pick.

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This pick was even worse.

Oh, and not rooting for Gronk either. He annoyed me too. 1 catch for 2 yards so far.

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Just turned it on.

Dear Tommy boy and Gronkie.

Maybe if Bruce Ariens were a bit meaner to the boys your new team wouldn’t be so undisiplined.

An Old Friend


And now, a massive mistake on a kickoff. Completely undisciplined and unprepared team for week one from Tampa Bay.

Guess you may be missing some organization by the end of the year, Tom.

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This also wasn’t the best match for the bucs to open against. The saints and Brees. Good luck with that.

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Taysom Hill is a really interesting guy to have at your disposal.

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I will say, brady had some beautiful passes he put some nice touches on. They will be just fine, it was a tough week one.

At least they didn’t lose to the god damn Jags

It’s all fun and games until you have too many penalties and dumb plays!!!

God Gronk is toast and Tom is a shell of himself.

I drafted Tom, and Cam, but started Tom and you can all thank me for his level of suck

Brady had some beautiful throws. The Saints are tougher competition than the Dolphins.

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Ya I wouldn’t say Brady is done. Not by a long shot. He had some excellent throws down field. They went up against a very tough saints team. I think tampa bounces back.

Bill always gave praise to to the players and accepted all the responsibility for poor performances.

I thought Arians was a players coach.

They were his fault but he had some great throws as well.

Arians did not have this team ready to go yesterday and it showed.

Maybe they get better but I’m thinking they, under Bruce and with a pissy pants QB as TB12 proved he still is after the last 2 years in NE this could be bad or decent. If it’s a decent year and they are still this undisciplined they will blow it at crucial moments.

This is not the Pats, Tom.