TFB To Tampa Bay

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Wow!! Figured but still

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Not sure if I trust him as a source

I hear ya. He’s been outta the media for a few years and that was my thought as well.

I posted this on the Patriots subreddit, thread should get a lot of views.

If any of you coming from Reddit see this, please come and join us for a more fun smaller community to talk about Boston Sports.


I think Brady goes to Tampa. They have a good defense outside the pass defense. But I think if Brady plays to his capability they will score a lot. They have some receivers there.

Posted to the Bucs reddit and I tweeted and snapfaced it too.

Was already on /NFL from a different source.

Better hope Dale is not wrong.

I guess we better get ready for company.

Tyler you put out the good china, and I will go out on pants.


I’m grabbing the virus shelter in place booze and bracing for it.

Could be awesome!

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Ugh, do I have to get pants on???

I just got a full thing of rum. I’m good to go!!

Found elsewhere

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:astonished: :thinking: :sleepy: :heart:

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I won’t lie to you guys… He looks kind of good in that jersey

I’ll always be a Brady fan and grateful for what he did for the PATS.

But I’m ready for this too. Ready to see what happens.

Everything is gravy now.


It’s a cool feeling isn’t clown? I was sad as all hell for Peyton to leave. And yet…: was excited to start a new era…: also sad to see Luck left last year but excited for the future. Last year was a bit down , but now excited to see what Rivers can do

One thing I know without a shadow of a doubt is the Pats are in good hands. BB will stay competitive. Bills and Pats will go at it hard.

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That pretty much sums up my attitude too.

I would have been fine with him coming back for a season or two. But I’m fine with how its playing out too.

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I haven’t been to Pats Planet.

How are the others taking it?

What’s that?


Lol whatever forum is called hahahaha. I used to post so often… then I found this magical place. Now I post like once every few months haha