Texans at Chiefs

Let’s go Texans!

7-0 Texans lol!


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Lmao shades of last. Night hahahahaha wow.

Chiefs looking stupid. As usual.

An Andy Reid lead team unprepared. Say it isn’t so lol

Make that 21-0!

This is like a scene from space jam. Chiefs can’t play lol.

They are not ready.

Billy is.

That was a great clean hit on Hill.

Going to be kind of cool to see 2 Belichick tree teams in the AFC championship. And both from the same division. I bet that doesn’t happen often.

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That hit… I felt it hahaha

24-0. Beautiful.

What the hell is going on?

It is turning out that the AFC South was the best division in the Conference in 2019-2020?

Kelce with the Down 24 Points dance

hate that crap!!!

Texans better settle down and keep scoring!!!

Fuck off Romo. That’s a Horrible call.


Maybe the Texans will do all they can to give it away too.

WTF? O’Brien getting cute
why did he not go earlier and kicked a FG but goes with a fake punt to screw his team. IDIOT coach

I hate fake punts. Either go for it or do not go for it.

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Ugh not over by a long shot