Terry Rozier agrees to 3 year 58 mil contract with Hornets


Fair thee well Mr Rosier.


Looks like durant is signing with Brooklyn


As is Kyrie.

Jimmy Butler to Miami

Porzingus resigns with Mavericks


Damn. Some big moves already!


Horford to Philly.


That rat bastard!!!

Lol. JK. I never begrudge a guy his payday.


From the Twitterverse on day one of NBA free agency.

JJ Watt ‏Verified account @ JJWatt 12h12 hours ago


Hey @ wojespn what does the market look like for a guy who can contribute 6 hard fouls and 4 missed free throws per game? Asking for a friend.

JuJu Smith-Schuster ‏Verified account @ TeamJuJu 10h10 hours ago


About to have an important phone call with my mom, need some explanations about why she didn’t put me in basketball, these contracts are CRAZY!!! 🤯🤯🤯


Bruins Torey Krug throwing the shade at Kyrie on Twitter.


Krug was in the building with Kyrie, he knows what a dingleberry on the ass of life Kyrie is. He would never have tossed off on him if Kyrie was not a douchebag.


Absolutely correct Mike.


Who would win in a fair fight between Krug and Kyrie?

Kyrie obviously has huge advantages in height and reach, but we already know that Torey can hit way above his own size.


This. :heart_eyes: