Terry Rozier agrees to 3 year 58 mil contract with Hornets

Fair thee well Mr Rosier.


Looks like durant is signing with Brooklyn

As is Kyrie.

Jimmy Butler to Miami

Porzingus resigns with Mavericks

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Damn. Some big moves already!

Horford to Philly.

That rat bastard!!!

Lol. JK. I never begrudge a guy his payday.

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From the Twitterverse on day one of NBA free agency.

JJ Watt ‏Verified account @ JJWatt 12h12 hours ago


Hey @ wojespn what does the market look like for a guy who can contribute 6 hard fouls and 4 missed free throws per game? Asking for a friend.

JuJu Smith-Schuster ‏Verified account @ TeamJuJu 10h10 hours ago


About to have an important phone call with my mom, need some explanations about why she didn’t put me in basketball, these contracts are CRAZY!!! 🤯🤯🤯

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Bruins Torey Krug throwing the shade at Kyrie on Twitter.


Krug was in the building with Kyrie, he knows what a dingleberry on the ass of life Kyrie is. He would never have tossed off on him if Kyrie was not a douchebag.


Absolutely correct Mike.

Who would win in a fair fight between Krug and Kyrie?

Kyrie obviously has huge advantages in height and reach, but we already know that Torey can hit way above his own size.


This. :heart_eyes: