TB's First-Handed Approach to Achievement

His success was no accident.

This a good, short philosophical article by a friend of mine.

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I read that book years ago… I liked it. I remember the part where the individual was elevated relative to the “committee”. Partially because the committee was always mediocre and not creative enough… And they often dismiss the individual for committee reasons.

I’m not really seeing the link to TB. Brady followed his way of improvement using love of the game and the challenge of it. He’s not really going against the grain like Roark although his nutrition methods are a bit extreme. Everyone chooses what they eat.

Brady was great but the 20 year career is now in the senior tour . The analogy to golf is cuz he is now seaking the the front tees and easier course. I.e. warm weather , natural grass. Supposedly player friendly coach and contract. The golf analogy applies to the challenge of the game never going away . The difference is in golf you don’t have big guys attacking you as you do it. Haha.

Let’s see how it plays out. He’s gotta play a lot better than last year and last week. Yikes. :sunglasses:

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