System removing quotes from messages?

Starting in the last week or so, if I try to quote someone else’s post in one of my posts, that quote gets removed and I get a system message saying something about how it removed the quote on purpose.

Che cazzo?

Partial quote rest

Whole quote test

It worked there, but based on the warning message you got, I wonder if its for quoting an entire post?

I found your post and was able to revert it.

its me, I am unquotable

I get why the system might do that if the post being quoted is War and Peace.

But for quotes of N words or fewer, especially when posts in a particular thread are rapid fire (game threads, for example), this “feature” is removing context that is generally necessary to follow what’s going on. I mean, primary use case for quoting is to let everyone know to which specific post you are replying. Without that, it can get real confusing, real quick.

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Probably a setting somewhere

I’ve had quoting issues all along, it prefers to link to the post as replied to

Test of a possible workaround

Okay, I am “whole quoting” by hitting the balloon on the left of the post editor toolbar. If I do that and just post, it gets removed. If I do that, then backspace, then return, then post, it gets retained.

Confirmation test

Hmmm … now the removal isn’t happening anymore. Did you find the setting?

Not yet, but it has something to do with a direct reply and quoting the whole post. Maybe in consecutive posts


If this quote is not removed, then I think you’ve found the answer.

Okay, I see the logic. It’s removing whole quotes when what you are quoting is the exact previous post.

The assumption here is that there is no ambiguity about which post you are replying to if it’s the previous one.

A little weird at first, but I guess it makes sense when you think about it.

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Yeah it should not be a big deal, but there is a setting somewhere. When I have a moment, I’ll see if I can find it.

Oh and confirmed. I quoting your whole previous post in my reply and it was removed.

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