Subjects minimum characters and complete sentences

Site is requiring a minimum of 15 characters and complete sentences in the subject line. I tried to post with the subject “434 Feet later…” and the site software said “Ah…no. More characters and use complete sentences.”


Title is now 3.

I could not find anything that specifically addressed complete sentences, but maybe this was part of it. I disabled:

title prettify

** Prevent common title typos and errors, including all caps, lowercase first character, multiple ! and ?, extra . at end, etc**

Awesome. I gotta say its pretty cool of you setting up a website and then tailoring the whole thing to my preferences. :grinning:

Well, I got to cater to the the audience, and well, that seems to be you right now. I wish more people that came previously would kick the tires more.

I need to work on marketing I guess.

As I get time.

I’ll figure out something.

Thank you though for being so supportive. Most of the improvements since launch have been because of you.

I just want to be able to say I was here before being here was cool.

If grammar is going to be checked prior to posting I am screwed!!