Stid the Kid!!!!

If Brady is teh G.O.A.T. it only makes sense that the heir apparent is the Kid



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\ ˈkid \

Definition of kid

(Entry 1 of 4)

1 : a young personkids in high schoolespecially : CHILDa married couple with two kids—often used as a generalized reference to one especially younger or less experiencedthe kid on the pro golf touryou poor kid

2a : a young goat

b : a young individual of various animals related to the goat

3a : the flesh, fur, or skin of a young goat

b : something (such as leather) made of the fur or skin of a young goatgloves made of kid

4.** Tom Brady’s replacement - Jarrett Stidham, future G.O.A.T.strong text**

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Seems like that is new England’s plan this year.

Unless they go for a vet, but might as well see what Stidham can deliver.


BB really can’t lose here.

If Stidham falls flat, well, he ain’t the next GOAT.

If he delivers, BB is a genius squared.



I mean he can’t be any worse than the Steelers backups lol

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What does Stidham bring to offense?

The 6-foot-3, 215-pound Stidham, who initially went to college at Baylor before transferring to Auburn, was selected No. 133 overall in 2019. Stidham beat out veteran Brian Hoyer last preseason for the No. 2 job behind Brady. He had the best preseason of any rookie quarterback in Belichick’s 20-year tenure, going 61-of-90 for 731 yards, with four touchdowns and an interception.

Stidham turns 24 on Aug. 8 and is considered mature beyond his years, which came through to those who watched him on the ESPN+ “Draft Academy” series last year.

Whoever steps into Brady’s spot will benefit from being able to handle added pressure, and scouts say Stidham fits that profile, with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels noting last season that he has a “great mindset.” Stidham has shown a knack for making plays on the move, which could be the impetus for the Patriots to add elements to their offensive approach that wouldn’t have fit with Brady.

“It’s going to be really cool one day when I can sit there and tell my children, or my grandkids, that I got to be in the same quarterback room and talking about coverages and different passing concepts with Tom,” Stidham told ESPN in January. “He’s a phenomenal teammate, a phenomenal person, a phenomenal player. There was so much that I got to learn from him. He was obviously very open to me about stuff.”

Now comes Stidham’s biggest challenge: applying those lessons in a quest to become the team’s No. 1 option.

From Disney Sports.

Jarrett Stidham getting The Call.

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If he wins you guys a super bowl this year , I’ll be so mad lmao.


If he does that, I hope it’s over either Tampa Bay or San Francisco.


Or Giants

But I mean… come on. They aren’t going to the super bowl lmao.

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it could be the XFL champ and Im ok with it, just get me a new SB hat, my old one is getting dirty!!

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Listening to Michael Lombardi today and Phil Simms came on to talk WR’s but needed to vent that the world is sleeping on Stid the Kid, he expects him to be a very good pro and that is in NE. So trade down with indys 2 second round pick adding our comp 3rd

From Chevss and this is some great stuff.

Jarrett Fuckig stidham

Learn more about Jarrett Stidham who is our QB, at least for now.

Real life Friday Night Lights. HS in Texas

You’ll find out some things about JS by watching this - his maturity, his humble nature, how he handles pressure and his ability. Damn, if only his HS team had had a defense.…ature=emb_logo

As a freshman starting at Baylor

At Auburn. Mostly his great 1st season.

Finally his Patriots preseason

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“He certainly deserves that chance," he said Tuesday on Mut at Night. "I really believe in Jarrett’s talent. He is a really talented kid. I am still trying to figure out how he fell to the fourth round. That was a head-scratcher on draft day and I still don’t know how that happened. Usually when you take quarterbacks in the fourth round, you’re hoping if they become a No. 2, a serviceable No. 2 that you can put in there for a game or two and get by with and feel good about. You’re not drafting potential starters in the fourth round. He’s got that kind of ability. That is the only reason why I went to social media when the whole thing went down because I just wanted Pats fans to realize, they are not dealing with a guy who has a backup ceiling. He’s got way more talent than that.

"I was there when we drafted (Matt) Cassel. I scouted (Brian) Hoyer when I was there. I did Jacoby Brissett when he came out of NC State when I was in Seattle, (Jimmy) Garoppolo — like, this guy has more baseline talent than all those guys. All those guys have been good NFL players and have started a lot of games in the league. Just from an overall maturity, intelligence, arm talent, there is so much to work with.

"If you get beyond the four in this year’s draft, the top four, and you could make a case that he would belong in that top four. There is no one they could draft that has more talent than Jarrett Stidham, outside of those top four guys. I don’t care if it is (Jake) Fromm or Jalen Hurts, or (Jacob) Eason, any of those guys. You wouldn’t be upgrading the talent.”

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That’s an encouraging read.

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I just learned that Jacob Eason’s father is Tony Eason.

But not that Tony Eason.

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I need the jersey!!!

Time to see what Stid the Kid has in him.
There is no next Tom Fucking Brady but there is a first Jarrett Stidham.

Here is a great take on his HS and college career.

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Jarrett. F’ing. Studham.