Spring Training Game 03.24.21

It’s a night game on NESN. Maybe I’ll remember :grin:

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Joolz in the house.

Bottom of the 2nd and no score.

Nice to hear Dave and Jerry.

Cordero is huge!

Need some EVOO mojo.


I’m in. Was watching but I was on the phone for a while.

Go Sox.

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Renfroe with a 2-run shot!

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Nice play by Devers to start that double play and Eovaldi is out of a jam.

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Eovaldi out and Sawamura (who?) in.

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He’s a cat we picked up from Japan. He appears to have been quite successful there.

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Bases loaded and nobody out for the Sox!


I thought Spring Training games were only 7 innings long

They vary and the teams agree on how many as I understand it.

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Thank you!

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Sox win!


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