Sox at Oakland Game 4

Steve pearce is back and Eduardo is on the mound.

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2-0 Sox in the top of the first. I’ll take it.

Offense with a fast start. Hopefully E Rod can keep this game manageable

go go eddie

Ugh. Tie game. Unreal

eddie needs to stop thinking and pitch, he tries to be cerebral when the fact is he is throw a ball, Oh Eddie you have to get it please or I will start calling you Buchholz

Lol agreed!

Aaaaaaaaaaand,…shit!!! 6-3 A’s. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Another game I’m not able to watch and Gameday is boring.

Be lucky you’re not watching the game. Lol. E Rod was total garbage yet again. And the offense still doesn’t seem right. Frustrating.

At this point E Rod is showing me nothing at all that he can have a bounce back performance.

Today’s game didn’t go the way we all wanted, but these lineup cards from should be the standard around these parts.

Nice find.

The play between Jackie and Mookie was on Jackie. CF makes the calls but I am putting 50% on Mookie based on a play earlier this year he didn’t heed JBJ calling him off.