Sox 1st two draft picks

I’ll bite.

With a name like “Cannon,” he’d better have a ++ arm.

Draft bargain?

Red Sox remain opportunistic

Speaking of American League East teams drafting potential values, the Red Sox entered the draft with modest expectations. After all, Boston had just two picks in the top 100, and none in the top 40.Yet the Red Sox exited day two having selected five of’s top-150 draftees.

Those five are Cameron Cannon, Matthew Lugo, Ryan Zeferjahn, Noah Song, and Jaxx Groshans. Four of those five players – Lugo (38), Song (68), Cannon (79), and Zeferjahn (84) – were ranked in the top 100. Pre-draft rankings mean only so much and blah blah blah, but that’s a healthy 2:1 ratio in terms of top 100 prospects versus top 100 picks.

Here is a list if all their picks.