So - The Marlins

That escalated quickly…

So 3 days - one series - Ouch.

What does this mean for MLB, and later the NFL.

I figured it wouldn’t take long :frowning_face:

"The Miami Marlins’ coronavirus crisis is now a full-blown outbreak.

The Marlins’ home opener vs. the Orioles scheduled for Monday night has been canceled, according to multiple reports. Seven more players and two coaches tested positive for coronavirus, after it was revealed on Sunday four players tested positive for COVID-19."

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holy outbreak batman, no swing away sox!!!

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Ya… that’s not looking promising.

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Has Basketball made any changes to their seasons return?

Not that I have heard of.

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I think NBA and NHL have some chance of pulling this off in the bubble.


Ya I think so too. Time will tell. Ugh I hope baseball doesn’t get cancelled. Might be selfish of me to say but still.

So if it is true they all visited a strip joint and got C-19 from putting money in their mouth to tuck in g-strings? and one player played with it… there should be no excuse for these guys behavior