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Its not a huge deal but if im viewing a certain post, i have to back out of that post to view the Top/Latest/Category buttons. Having those buttons active on each post page would make things easier

Ahh i get it…its set up for mobile use. Mucheasier to navigate on phone than on my desktop

See? Twenty character limit seems excessive

20 character limit for what?

Before i added everything after See? the site said post is too short and imposed a 20 chatacter limit. I was on my phone replying if that makes a difference.

I quoted this post on my phone and when i clicked to post a popup popped up and said “Post must be at least 20 chracters. Have you tried the “heart shape” button?”

It does it on my desktop also

I am sure that is a limit I can change.

Changed to 3 characters

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A breeze to browse on mobile which is a nice change of pace from the Planet.

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Software wouldn’t let my subject be less than 15 characters in my beer post/ poll. Also wouldn’t let my subject not be a complete sentence ( it rejected “beer” and “beer beer beer beer”)

Is there a “Mark all as Read” button somewhere?

If there is, I can’t find it.

I just hit latest in the pull down and anything I read is not highlighted.

not sure I set up like that or it is a site feature.

So I just came on and see this:

I click on the “New” at the top and get

Then click on “dismiss new” on the bottom right and you get

Navigating back to the front, the little blue NEW indicators are gone.