Shit the Announcers Say

These are all from week 4 and the NFL, but can really apply to any sports. I shamelessly swiped this from Reddit. Dan Fouts is just awful.

Add your own memorable quotes

This week features:

  1. “People have gone to jail for less than this, he’s all over him!” -Troy Aikman (on a PHI pass interference) (PHI vs. GB)


  1. “If [kicker Josh Lambo] is getting free meals in Jacksonville, what’s Gardner Minshew getting?”

“Well, he’s young, you know what he’s getting.”

  1. “Nick Chubb held in check all day so far.” (finished with 3 touchdowns and 165 yds.) -Trent Green (CLE vs. BAL)


  1. “That’s gotta be intentional grounding, but because he didn’t do anything wrong it’s not gonna be called” -Dan Fouts (NE vs. BUF)


  1. “Whistles can be loud if blown right.” -Dan Fouts


  1. “That was set up beautifully to the rookie tight end TJ Hockenson, who’s already got a tight end today.” -Kevin Burkhardt (KC vs. DET)


  1. “And with that penalty, this crew definitely earned their reputation.” “They need to let them play a little bit, you aren’t getting paid by the flag.” -Thom Brennaman and Chris Spielman (WAS vs. NYG)


  1. “He only puts about 290 lbs. on him not the entire 300!” -James Lofton (JAX vs. DEN)


  1. “He doesn’t just pull out. He has the ability to make something happen afterwards.” -Cris Collinsworth (DAL vs. NO)


  1. “A play can’t take two seconds. One-one-thousand, two-one-thousand, three-one-thousand” (while the replay is in slow motion) -Cris Collinsworth


  1. “When the Steelers are playing good defense, they are known for stopping the run and getting after the QB and stopping the pass.” -Booger McFarland (CIN vs. PIT)

“The Steelers are looking to move the chains here.” -Booger

“They need to get first downs so they can possess the football” -Booger


Lol great idea, I’ll gather some this weekend.

Can’t be any worse than the shit Players say …

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  1. “Whenever he gets a chance, he gets that nut!” - Rob Gronkowski (NYG vs. NE)

  2. “The original TB12, you are a legend … to my father.” - Rob Gronkowski to Terry Bradshaw

  3. “Taken down by Devin White who got facial’d before.” -Rich Eisen (CAR vs. TB)

  4. “It’s still loose and Carolina recovers it, oh man! Bobo with a big booboo!” -Rich Eisen

  5. “And that’s what Kitchens wanted today - a lot of Chubb.” -Chris Myers (SEA vs. CLE)

  6. “That’s offsides on Howard.” -Dan Fouts when Tytus Howard was on offense (HOU vs. KC)

  7. “The Eagles are playing complementary football. They scored, then they made the other team punt. Complementary football.” -Charles Davis (PHI vs. MIN)

  8. "San Francisco had really good effort, so we’re going to award them points.” -Mark Schlereth (SF vs. LAR)

  9. “Kyle Shanahan needs to listen to me.” -Mark Schlereth


  1. “The 1-4 Broncos have yet to win two games in a row” -James Lofton (TEN vs. DEN)