Shit the Announcers Say

These are all from week 4 and the NFL, but can really apply to any sports. I shamelessly swiped this from Reddit. Dan Fouts is just awful.

Add your own memorable quotes

This week features:

  1. “People have gone to jail for less than this, he’s all over him!” -Troy Aikman (on a PHI pass interference) (PHI vs. GB)


  1. “If [kicker Josh Lambo] is getting free meals in Jacksonville, what’s Gardner Minshew getting?”

“Well, he’s young, you know what he’s getting.”

  1. “Nick Chubb held in check all day so far.” (finished with 3 touchdowns and 165 yds.) -Trent Green (CLE vs. BAL)


  1. “That’s gotta be intentional grounding, but because he didn’t do anything wrong it’s not gonna be called” -Dan Fouts (NE vs. BUF)


  1. “Whistles can be loud if blown right.” -Dan Fouts


  1. “That was set up beautifully to the rookie tight end TJ Hockenson, who’s already got a tight end today.” -Kevin Burkhardt (KC vs. DET)


  1. “And with that penalty, this crew definitely earned their reputation.” “They need to let them play a little bit, you aren’t getting paid by the flag.” -Thom Brennaman and Chris Spielman (WAS vs. NYG)


  1. “He only puts about 290 lbs. on him not the entire 300!” -James Lofton (JAX vs. DEN)


  1. “He doesn’t just pull out. He has the ability to make something happen afterwards.” -Cris Collinsworth (DAL vs. NO)


  1. “A play can’t take two seconds. One-one-thousand, two-one-thousand, three-one-thousand” (while the replay is in slow motion) -Cris Collinsworth


  1. “When the Steelers are playing good defense, they are known for stopping the run and getting after the QB and stopping the pass.” -Booger McFarland (CIN vs. PIT)

“The Steelers are looking to move the chains here.” -Booger

“They need to get first downs so they can possess the football” -Booger


Lol great idea, I’ll gather some this weekend.

Can’t be any worse than the shit Players say …

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  1. “Whenever he gets a chance, he gets that nut!” - Rob Gronkowski (NYG vs. NE)

  2. “The original TB12, you are a legend … to my father.” - Rob Gronkowski to Terry Bradshaw

  3. “Taken down by Devin White who got facial’d before.” -Rich Eisen (CAR vs. TB)

  4. “It’s still loose and Carolina recovers it, oh man! Bobo with a big booboo!” -Rich Eisen

  5. “And that’s what Kitchens wanted today - a lot of Chubb.” -Chris Myers (SEA vs. CLE)

  6. “That’s offsides on Howard.” -Dan Fouts when Tytus Howard was on offense (HOU vs. KC)

  7. “The Eagles are playing complementary football. They scored, then they made the other team punt. Complementary football.” -Charles Davis (PHI vs. MIN)

  8. "San Francisco had really good effort, so we’re going to award them points.” -Mark Schlereth (SF vs. LAR)

  9. “Kyle Shanahan needs to listen to me.” -Mark Schlereth


  1. “The 1-4 Broncos have yet to win two games in a row” -James Lofton (TEN vs. DEN)
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Booger on Brian Flores:

“His first year with the Patriots, he rented a room so that he had a place to sleep so that he could wake up and get to work in the morning”


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I did that in College. And in Grad School. And for pretty much every other position I’ve held since I moved out of my parent’s house, except for when I was in the Air Force.

They didn’t charge me rent.

Booger tonight (Giants/Cowboys): “It’s hard to move the football forward when you are taking penalties.”


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Heard that live while I was driving home from work.

You could tell Harlan was bored with the way the humans were performing on the field.


Harlan is the best, he interviews on WEEI used to be great stuff.


If you score more points than the other team you are usually going to win the game.

He gets that nut? Lmao is that legit?

Yup. Gronk in his debut on Fox, talking about Edelman being a squirrel.

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Lmao wow.

in Context he was talking about Jules drive and ability to go get it when he has too… not his busting a nut with his chick.

During the Falcons-Saints game, Charles Davis called Julio Jones “Secretariat off to the races.”

I loves me some horse racing references. :racehorse:


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“Big guys got hands too.” Booger McFarland.