If you are under say, 30, you need to really appreciate what these Patriots have done. It won’t last forever, even though it seems that way to you. Check out these ridiculous streaks:

Most consecutive 14+ win seasons: 2 (tied for 1st)

Most consecutive 13+ win seasons: 2 (tied for 1st)

Most consecutive 12+ win seasons: 8 (1st)

Most consecutive 11+ win seasons: 9 (1st) active streak

Most consecutive 10+ winning seasons: 16 (tied for 1st) active streak

Most consecutive 9+ winning seasons: 18 (1st) active streak

Most consecutive playoff appearances: 10 (1st) active streak

Longest streak of Conference Championship appearances : Patriots, 8

Longest active streak of Consecutive winning seasons , other teams: Seahawks, 7

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It is beyond impressive what the Patriots have been able to do. Though I may be tired of them, I will admit they are always fun to watch… You will never get a boring game with them in (Well… Super Bowl wasn’t the greatest game ever) but regardless Patriots put on a show against the Chargers and Chiefs in the playoffs.There is always at least a couple Pats games a year I look forward to (not against the Colts) last year I was eager anticipating the Pats vs Packers and vs Steelers and Chiefs. This year Steelers, Giants, Eagles, Cowboys, Chiefs will all be games I watch. Should be an exciting year.

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Yeah, but you gotta admit, the other eight TB12 Super Bowls were bahhhn burnahhs.

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Hahaha they were good!