Red Sox Have Their Manager For 2020

Red Sox To Name Ron Roenicke Manager

The Red Sox are planning to appoint bench coach Ron Roenicke as their new manager. Read more at MLB Trade Rumors.

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I have to admit I don’t care who the manager is. Win games then I might.

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Good, one less stupid thing to worry about now.

I think this means Cora is back next season.

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Ya I really wanted someone that wasn’t on the team. Stupid choice but oh well.

Honestly, this all came down too late in the off-season to bring in someone from the outside and I wouldn’t take the job really cuz this has the potential to ruin a young managers career with everything that’s going on with this team right now.

I’m thrilled that Tek said he didn’t want it yet.

And I’m with those that think Roeneke is just a placeholder if Cora only gets a year suspension which I’m guessing happens with all due respect to Hank Aaron wanting everyone involved banned for life.


Hammerin’ is hammered to want life bans. his generation ate pills like an M & M candy.

And I agree, I am glad Tek said no.


Agreed ! Wait and see what happened now. Season is getting closer. I’m not expecting anything big to happen. This season is simply trial and error especially pitching.

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