Red Sox Fire Dave Dombrowski

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you knew it was coming, who will replace him? is theo available?


If the “we don’t need a legitimate closer” stunt had worked, they would have called him a groundbreaking genius.

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The news doesn’t shock me what so ever. It is the way it is. When you have one of the most dominating world series champion teams a year ago and then Miss playoffs this year with one of the worst starting rotations you know it was going to happen soon or later even though some of it isn’t his fault. Oh well I am not too sad to see him leave I am very curious who is going to take over now

Statement from MLB:

Sad stuff… Unfortunately in a big market team like the Red Sox changes happen and happen often.

I still fail to see how getting rid of DD will improve the pitching. I guess Price will magically not get hurt anymore, Porcello will turn into a 3.00 ERA pitcher and Sale will be better next season.

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Tony Larussa for GM anyone?


Im in, works for me.

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If he gets the gig, I’ll make a donation. $162 sounds appropriate.

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Was watching Sundays Sports Extra last night and Steve Buckley was making a push to give Theo an ownership stake to bring him back or his GM, our old friend Jeb Hoyer.

wow, return to the past