Receivers coaching thread

Wow… has this year been the Year of Receiver Analysis?

Bye bye AB, Thomas, Gordon, hello Sanu, Harry, Myers. WTF???

Do you as a fan have any clue why hall of fame coach and QB cannot com!plete more than 50% of passes the last 2 weeks and are at the bottom of the league for the year??

Ahhh… it’s the receivers. Hmmm , let’s explore that.

One thing I have noticed this year is the hand fighting seems to favor the DBs and receivers who don’t use their hands are kinda screwed.

Example … last game A Hopkins beat Gilmore twice on in cuts but both times he made his move with a swipe of his inside arm against the shoulder of Gilmore. Hmmm…

Then on Brady interception, Harry does nothing with his hands and DB grabs his shoulder as ball is in the air and propels himself in front for the pick and causes Harry to fall backwards.

Um… I’m just watching but WHY THE F is this not coached as rwceiver moves 101 from day 1.??? Especially to long armed 6’3 , 6’2 guys like Harry , Myers. ?

Just another massive fail of offensive coaching on this team. Also heard that coach O’Shea? last year handled red zone offense…? Huh? McD has another excuse? I think I’ve heard everything now. Haha

O’shea is no longer here. he’s the OC in Miami. Joe Judge, the special teams coach is splitting duties as the WR coach with no experience .

Apparently, you missed the memo.

Right… O’Shea was " red zone coach " last year. And he’s gone now… So that’s why the red zone results are bad this year. Following?

We were all bitching about the red zone at a lot of points last year. I see not much of an issue this year. And I never heard that Chad was the defacto “Redzone Coach”.

Gotta pay attention to the chat about the offense … Google it.

After reading that article you’re gonna wish MCD took the Indy job… ;):wink:

Ooops I gotta edit the OP…

SAY bubye to AB, Thomas, Gordon … And PATTERSON…! Who is kicking ass in Chicago at the moment. Ug… MCD sucks.


Perfect. Stealing this.