Patriots Sign Tight End Austin Seferian-Jenkins

They’ve signed a bunch of Tight Ends lately.

Seferian-Jenkins, Cedric Lang, Matt LaCosse … in fact, the Patriots now have six (count 'em, six) TEs under contract.

And their salaries don’t add up to what Gronk was making. Another Belichick Bahhh-gain?


I didn’t notice this when it happened, but he was released on June 4th.

He announced he was stepping away from football for awhile and the Patriots cut him soon afterwards.

Too bad. I think the guy was supremely physically talented but just couldn’t get his life together. This was probably his last chance in the NFL. Hopefully he can concentrate on just being sober now.

This the new system? Brady wants to throw to all tight ends lol? Meh. He could throw to linebackers and still win.

Mike Vrabel agrees with this assessment.