OMG Its here...Picard drops Jan 29


What’s Star Trek?

What the?!?!?

Man when UT gets here there is gonna be some old testament style Angry Clown Diety smiting going on in here.

Never watched it. :rofl:

Joolz you said you like cop shows…have you ever watched Justified?

Justified is on my Watchlist. 8.6 on IMDb.

It is awesome. One of my favorite tv shows ever. The first half of season 1 drags a little, bit once it hits its stride it is fantastic. If you like witty banter, this show is for you.



I’m with JoolZ, never watched it


I am very much looking forward to Picard.

I would smite every last one of them.

Maybe tonight. Two days without the Sox gives me a good reason.

Damn. I thought the thread update was new info on Picard.


Here you go buddy

Thanks man. Be hard for this show NOT to be good.

Never been a huge Star Trek fan but being a massive Superman fan of both comics and the movies I can appreciate fans of all stuff. Looks good!

Also I’m a huge ninja turtle geek too lol. Have the 87 series seasons 1 to 10. Just don’t tell many people that lol! My spouse’s parents are huge Star Trek fans. Pretty sure they have every episode. They said they weren’t big on the new movies though from 2009.

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With all the new Trek coming (I just read 5 things in development), I might actually have to pay for CBS All Access,

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They bringing back a lot of the older cast members or is it all new?