No wonder Trent Williams is so pissed off

Williams detailed Thursday what he said were “some scary things” that doctors told him as he was dealing with a tumor on his head. Williams said he told the team of the medical issue six years ago, and the growth on his head grew substantially over time.

He said the Redskins’ medical team downplayed the severity of the growth on his skull and that when he visited a Virginia hospital he received a more dire diagnosis.

“I almost lost my life. Seriously, I almost lost my life,” he said. “You’re 30 and coming off seven straight Pro Bowls and a doctor tells you to get your affairs in order. It’s not going to sit well with you. It still doesn’t. It’s a scary thing to go through. Think how you describe to your 9-year-old, your 5-year old that daddy might not be here. It’s tough.”

I read in another article that the doctors told Williams if he had waited a few more weeks the tumor would have mestasicized to his brain and that at that point it would have been terminal.

That franchise is, and has been, a dumpster fire since Daniel Snyder took over.

I just checked, and since he bought the team in 1999, they’ve had exactly three 10-win seasons since.

I guess he’d have to get caught molesting young boys for the rest of the league to force him to sell? Being a terminally crappy NFL owner isn’t enough???

Dan Snyder is a horrible owner and deserves every bit of scorn and ridicule he gets. But his wife is a cancer survivor and the driving force behind the NFL Think Pink initiative.

I think its just the state of medicine in the US in 2019. Doctors who are also employees of a business are not always operating with the patients best interests first.

I work for a huge multi billion dollar multi national corporation. About 5 years ago they opened a health center on site that includes a muscular skeletal therapist. In May I fell coming out of a store. Not at work. Not on the clock. Two months later my thumb still hurt like hell. I went to my doctor and he did an xray. No breaks. Wanted to do an MRI.

Except, now my insurance won’t pay for an MRI unless I go see the MS therapist 3 times. They show you all these stats pumping their success rate with curing pain without expensive medical procedures. The worst part is the act like they are saving us from unscrupulous doctors with their service. Any tiny improvement you make between visits is used as proof that the PT is working, and as an excuse to delay the MRI a while longer. It uses peoples good nature against them. You think if you just play the game that you’ll eventually get the care you need. But its all a huge stalling tactic.

“How did those exercises help?”

“Oh I guess a little.”

“Great…I think we are on to something”


“Lets give it one more week”

I went four times and just couldn’t stand it any more.

I got a letter from them that basically said since I had stopped coming all they could do was assume that their care had helped resolve my issue. So I guess I’m one of their success story. Lol.

Now its November and my thumb still isn’t 100%.


This Clown owner is doing nothing but keeping free agents from going to Washington.

but what do I know, I only slept at a Holiday Inn Express once.


So they eff up his medicals, and then refuse to pay him because his health issues are “non-football related?”

Someone wake up Johnnie Cochran from the dead. There’s a lawsuit a-brewing.