No more than 3 consecutive replies allowed

Really killing my flow in the game thread.

When I’m on desktop, I’ll look to fix that.

No worries. Ill just edit my 3rd post into one really really long post :grinning:

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This is happening again

Hahahah ya agreed. I don’t like it either.

I also have been editing my 3rd post to long ones hahaha.

Changed to 11.

Why 11?

Because I mistyped 10 on my phone. Should be enough, ya?


I mean 10 is better than three but I’m not sure how I feel about being limited at all.

A stallion is born to run you know.

I’ll give you one of mine so you get 11

If you find it limiting your green pastures too much, let me know and I’ll raise it again.

I can do 11!

Will be good for next year in the Red Sox threads, hard to post updates with just 3. Though I was making it work with editing my last post all the time lol.