No Fans At Gillette Stadium Through September - Gillette Stadium

But feel free to shop at Patriots Place.

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I dunno, man. I think this may be coming from pressure from the governor. I dunno really, man.

But shit is just upside down right now and a lot if doesn’t make much sense.

yes this is a Walsh/Baker doing so blame both parties - a nonpolitical, political post

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It doesn’t matter to me all that much. If I had tickets, I would not be going if I could. I also think the idea of pumping in fake crowd noise is dumb. I’m perfectly fine just watching what happens on the field without the crap for ambiance.

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After all the shit I gave Colts fans for the noise pumped into the games, I can not agree to pumped in stuff.

I actually got my money refunded for tickets. The odds are I would get to one, maybe 2 games at most and I felt it was not worth it, that too many restrictions would be placed on fans.

Just September?

I thought no fans through the entire season.

It may end up being that, but the Patriots originally had a plan for like 20% occupancy. I think through the end of September is all that has been committed to right now for no fans, and will be revisited then.

Nah, They will have fans at some point, at least that is the plan for now.

But something screwy is going on. Many things are shut down and worse in MA while 100 miles to the North, NH is holding our annual Bike Week with many thousands of bikers attending after holding a Nascar race recently with fans. We are finishing up our open and very much economically needed and wanted summer tourist season with virtually no infections and extremely few deaths. And interestingly most people that flood this state are from MA.

While just to our south, MA is burning.

Something is up somewhere.

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They want fans but they already approved signage within a certain distance within the field of play to make up the lost revenue.

I do not expect fans at all - all it takes is a group to get sick and a class action lawsuit will follow blaming the NFL for negligence - all personal opinions.

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Where all 32 teams stand right now:

Wowee… Gotta watch out for the sniffles and cough that most (80%) people might be exposed to.

Try this … Teams issue tickets that have a waiver much like the lift tickets sold at ski areas.

" Using this will subject user to the risk of sniffles and cough, or other virus symptoms. Although this RISK will be MINIMIZED with the use of masks, separation of seating, and temperature testing of all attending… Further,. If ANYONE HAS ANY CONCERNS WITH WEAK FAMILY MEMBERS OR CONTRIBUTING HEALTH FACTORS… PLEASE STAY HOME…! OBVIOUSLY…! OK GOT IT. ??? "

Also,. Workers at the stadium will be MINIMIZED and will have similar protective measures to avoid the sniffles and cough concerns.

Thanks so much for the understanding. Let’s have a good time at the game.

Let’s go Kraft… Get some healthy people in the stands… figure it out please.

Adam Schefter

4tS7mmptonsoremdt ·

🏈Texans are working towards having up to 15,000 fans Week 4.

🏈Colts are increasing from 2,500 fans in Week 2 to 7,500 in Week 3.

🏈Titans will have fans starting at 10% capacity and scaling up beginning in Week 4.

Small steps forward.