NLCS (Game 3) 10.19.21: Braves (Morton) at Dodgers (Buehler)

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I may watch some of this before the Sox/Astros game.

After typing the title, I can’t get this out of my head.

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I’ll be working

Go Braves.

Go Braves!

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Almost start time.

Braves need this

They were up 3 games to one last year. Dodgers won.

I feel if braves don’t win tonight Dodgers will come back to win it.

Let’s go Braves!!

Maybe I can follow on game day if work stays quiet

I can get it online at using my cable provider info.

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Oh that’s awesome

I don’t think work would be too thrilled if I watched at work hahahahah

I’ll have game day up under my desk :joy:

I’m sneaky sneaky

Poop Dodgers up early.

2-0 for the poop heads.

Tied up and the Braves have the bases loaded with one out!

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Braves lead 3-2

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Bases loaded walk and it’s 4-2 Braves

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5-2 Braves in the 5th and looking for more!

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Oh this is lovely!!! Go Braves.