NHL suspended.

The one time this happened before, about 100 years ago because of an influenza epidemic, the Cup was not awarded to anyone.

If this season does resume, this break will benefit the Bruins’ Defense. Krug and Carlo both missed the Flyer game with injuries, and Old Man Chara is just … old.

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I heard because of the issue 100 years ago they wrote a rule giving it to the team with the highest point total or point percentage based on number of games played.

still I rather win it for real than be awarded it.

edit, that was wrong - the cup stays with the past years winner. congrats Blues

Ooooh beautiful. I watch those highlights. Crazy that was before I was born. 3 years before I was born actually… lol

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I heard they will resume in the fall

Or did I dream that? I swear I saw something in regards to fall hockey

Wanna know the funny part about this?

I gave up watching NHL games for Lent. :latin_cross:


Meh I’ll just play NHL on x box.

I’ll beat Ottawa and beat bruins lmao

Go, Saskatchewan.

If they pull this off, we should like-bomb @TylerD, just on Principle.



Take hockey from us, we find a Vaccine just like that lol!!


Perfect fucking response, Tyler. :heart:

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Thanks buddy :joy: :joy: