NFL may add flex scheduling to next Monday Night Football contract

They should give up trying to salvage the broken donkey that is MNF. Take TNF out and shoot it, too.

I’m okay with Saturday games after the College FB season is done. Apart from that, the NFL should be a Sunday sport … except for the Super Bowl.

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I would much rather see “NFL considers eliminating Monday and Thursday night games.”

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we all want those days removed but the money is too great for them too.

I like it. I’m sick of seeing the Raiders on Sunday night. Usually end up playing another garbage team like Cleveland.

I also don’t mind the MNF and TNF games.

I’m with TheP. I truly enjoy having games to look forward to on weeknights.

That’s because we are young and hip and our brains are capable of flexible thinking. All these old crusty dudes shouting get off our lawns get rid of weeknight NFL games and go back to the way it was in 1953 and I miss Sam Huff is just sad


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My concerns are health reasons.

Being a progressive thinker as I am, I feel the short week stresses the joints and physical well being of the players creating injuries. If the league really cares they would think of the players, not the bottom dollar.

and my crusty draws are not all bunched up :smiley:

TNF is a failed experiment.

MNF has run its course.

I like football. I don’t care what day its on.

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