NFL All Time Team

This is pure football porn. Bill is amazing on this show.

6 freaking weeks of learning the mind of Bill Belichick. His love of the game and knowledge about it’s history is second to none.

He even ripped out Sun Tzu quote from the Art Of War in the first episode.

This is just damn incredible to watch him interact with the all time greats and watch them just in awe of him.

He himself had the utmost respect for Jim Brown, Emmit and Barry Sanders.

Best takeaway was that he considers Paul Brown the greatest coach of all-time hands down because it made it a true professional sport. I knew this from reading Education Of A Coach but this just epic level awesomeness.


Haters gonna Hate, but I wonder what the reaction will be to BB’s role in this, from non-Haters outside of New England.

I mean, all he ever does is disdain so-called “Sports Journalists” who are 20% Journalists and 80% Hacks.

I think most of his bad reputation outside of New England is the result of retaliatory brainwashing by that Sports Hack community.

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Football porn part II. The D line and the linebackers. Ray Lewis and Lawrence Taylor in studio is a complete revelation. Bill and LT’s interaction is something to behold. “Most complete player to ever play the game” Bill said about LT who he coached to 2 championships. Just incredible. And his love for Ray Lewis is incredible. Ray was essentially Bill’s draft pick when the Browns took off to Baltimore in the middle of the night in the Mayflower move. Then had to play against him for 17 years. insane amount of respect there. “No love lost between our two teams, we hated each other.” 3 playoff battles in 4 years that were just epic.

If you love football this is the series to watch.

The segment with Mean Joe Green and the Coke commercial is fun as hell.

The 07 Dolphins!?

NFL All Time 100 part 3 of 6. This is just incredible.

This week, DB’s and Special Teamers.

The segment with Deion and Ed Reed is magic.

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Part 4. The segment about Gronk is great.

Newest episode of the NFL All-Time 100 Team.

Tight Ends and Offensive Lineman.