Next opponent - Carolina Panthers and their plethora of misdeeds!

From Ownerships racism and sexism to players beating up and knocking off their wife.

plus I just do not like the QB, the hold on Gronk, or Jenkins berating Hochstein’s talent.

what pisses you off about this team?

I mostly don’t like that they play in N. Carolina. I kinda hate that place. :slight_smile:

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Every time I think of them, I think of Newton. And when I think of him and his whining, the first thing I think of is his complete non-effort to recover that fumble in their last Superbowl. Way to compete.


that play is a signature play for Newton, Brady has SB XXXVI drive against Maddens wishes, Cam has his wimpy gladly pay you tuesday fumble faux pas

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Their least hate-able player went to Stanford.

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I hate how everyone around here calls them the Painthers.

Also Keep Pounding sounds like a porn movie franchise.


A gay porn franchise.