New Pats Uniforms

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Not a fan.

I don’t usually care about the unis but yeah, not a fan either.

This is what they should have used for Whites:

They only did that Alt once or twice.

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love them

said no one ever when change is made

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I love them personally. But as a colts fan, I have always liked the stripes on the shoulders. Think they are friggin awesome actually! But to each their own. If the colts get rid of their classic uniforms and stripes on the shoulders I would be extremely pissed.


I like them better than the Bledsoe soccer shirts!!!

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Reminder all. ESPN is playing the 05 Colts Pats game. First time Peyton won in New England

I shall watch that sucker

Anywho. I like the Patriots jerseys. Good switch!

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Don’t get the stripes.

The problem for me is they didn’t really make a change. They pretty much just adopted the color rush as the new “main” and I never liked the color rush.

The stripes look stupid and don’t match the stripes on the pants. The silver helmet looks even more out of place now and they should have at least changed that to white.

Apparently I’m the only one that likes the stripes. I think it’s such a nice clean sharp look. Whenever the colts talk about getting rid of theirs I get upset.

New Chargers uni’s. I like these. Clean and simple.

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Smart move is white helmet with flying elvis decal that can be replaced with pat patriot when they break out the red.

Color rush sucks, these suck. the old school red would be the way to go unless Bill started to wear a red Hoodie - that is bad.

and teh San Diego super Chargers have the best uniform in the league. Powder blue is sweat.

I also like the chargers uniforms. Awesome clean look!

Has anyone checked. I wonder if the Brady tampa jerseys are selling like hot cakes right now.

I actually don’t hate them.

I do however reserve the right to blame the new uniforms if the upcoming season goes in the tank.

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Lmao! Last time peyton wore a third jersey for the colts against the eagles he threw 3 picks and they lost. I hate change in jerseys

But I still think these jerseys of the patriots are very sharp.

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And always remember folks. Anything the Patriots do is better than the Colts ugly C.