New NFL CBA On the Horizon

Only the number 1 seeds gets a bye, 7 teams per conference in the playoffs, 17 game schedule, less training camp and fewer regular season practices.

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Was just about to post this actually.

Not sure how I feel about this… it’s hard to accept change lol. I like things the way they are… but definitely makes things more competitive that’s for sure.

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prediction - players get F’d

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If they do I think that’s on them. They have the power to negotiate properly but never set themselves up the right way for a prolonged process.

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What’s in this one? Goodell is granted summary execution authority over all players, coaches, and locker room attendants?


Article 46, Section 1, Paragraph (v) (on numbered page 278, which is PDF page 295):

(v) The Disciplinary Officer’s disciplinary determination will be final and binding subject only to the right of either party to appeal to the Commissioner. The appeal shall be in writing within three business days of the Disciplinary Officer’s decision, and any response to the appeal shall be filed in writing within two business days thereafter. The appeal shall be limited to arguments why, based on the evidentiary record below, the amount of disci-pline, if any, should be modified. The Commissioner or his designee will issue a written decision that will constitute full, final and complete disposition of the dispute and will be binding upon the player(s), Club(s) and the parties to this Agreement.

I think keeps Goodell as Final Arbiter.

Yeah. I was just gonna read the whole to find this. Thank you.

That’s great cuz there is a bunch to unpack in all those pages. But even though they spent some time college I’m guessing most of these football players won’t read it or get it.

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Wow, that was a very close vote.

So was the last Presidential Election, and we’ve all seen the amount of unity that came out of that.

Wrote this elsewhere.

"There’s a great deal more to the new CBA than this. Very close vote on this thing.

I wonder where the vote split was. My supposition is that the higher salaried players were ready for a fight over some stuff like having supreme power, “Deflategate” but the lower tiered players wanted the extra cash over anything else."

Cap went up to 198.2 million. That’s a 10 million increase.

We call that Austin Hooper’s money.

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