NCAA Announces Players Can Be Paid

This is a great article on an epically divisive topic about college athletes being able to get paid for their likeness and such while in school written by the great Michael McCann of the University Of NH.
Whatcha got?

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  1. Can a college’s rejection of a player’s proposed deal happen for any reason, or only if a proposed deal would conflict with a sponsor of the university? Imagine a college athlete wants to sign with New Balance, but her school already has a deal with Adidas. Or imagine a player wants to sign a deal with a company that the school finds “inappropriate” for some reason or another. There are so many possibilities. Different rules would lead to different answers.

I had not thought of this until now, but being the DUDE that I am, I could see a religious-based private school like BYU trying to put the “inappropriate” kibosh on a proposed NIL deal between one of the fit cuties on their women’s volleyball team and a company that sells bikinis.