NBA Schedule Reduction Rumors, again

With the ridiculous contracts being thrown around the NBA this offseason, I don’t see how this schedule reduction could be funded … unless the Players’ Association has already agreed to a proportional adjustment of all contract values.

There must be some bean counters out there who have figured out that the NBA product has gone past the line in terms of dilution of the quality of their product, and the way to get some fans back is to reduce the number of teams, reduce the number of games, or both.

If the NBA tries this and it works, watch out for the NHL and MLB to follow suit.

I could have played in the nba. But you know… shin splints

Could have played in the nhl too. But you know. Can’t skate.

Can you fight?

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I played Hockey, I was the Zamboni - I would fall and clear the ice in front of the net… Goalies loved me.

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I have my black belt in Tae Kwon Do. But a hockey fight of jersey pulling and swings I don’t think I would do too well lol

Hahaha maybe that could be my position.