NBA Finals Game 1

This should be a good series.

I may have obviously missed something but but why is the series opening on Toronto’s home court?

Toronto had the better record with 58 wins to Golden states 57 :slight_smile:

I figured that must have been the case but just didn’t think GS had a worse record.

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Ya it’s hard to believe. Golden state costed a lot this season. Toronto has their foot on the gas the entire way! Good start for Toronto.

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Some brutal missed calls on golden state. To be expected. Raptors playing a solid game though.

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Yep. Toronto is playing very well.

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And Green nailed the 3.

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The entire team has looked really good. Kawai has been a bit off tonight. Still only a 4 point lead. Golden State doesn’t go away grrrr.

What a win!!!