My proposal...

Wanted a new thread to try to move forward. I’ve spent too much of my time and money over these last 16 years to serve the communities I have been a part of building to continue responding to insults and ultimatums for my efforts.

My proposal -

  1. Remove offending posts from all parties.
  2. Take an active role in preventing these types of posts in the future, including deletion of posts.
  3. Change the official policy of the board discouraging personal attacks, until such time as there is a large enough community that it can police itself with the built-in tools of this software. If it ever is a large enough community.
  4. Separation of the community here from any other website as far as bringing problems into here from the outside.
  5. A fresh start.

If anyone has any other suggestions or objections, please feel free to offer.

This thread is for moving forward, not to rehash anything. I would appreciate if you can limit your comments with this in mind.

Thank you.

I really don’t want you to have to moderate another forum. I just want everyone to behave.

Thank you for the Feedback, Joolz. And thank you again for your continued positive presence here.

It won’t be a big deal for me to do initially. I can act unilaterally and decisively here. As I said, there are tools built in to the software here that with enough activity, the users can police it fairly well, and if that ever happens, my moderation will be less needed.

My mistake was thinking I could start off with that working.

I know I said that I’ll just go along with whatever is decided by ownership here and I will, but I will ask, if this board IS moderated, what would then differentiate this place from the original PP?

I thought some of the appeal would be that it would be a no holds-barred environment like reddit (thus the matching software).

If someone is offended by the unfiltered nature of this board, the solution seems to be for them to remain on a safe space where they don’t feel offended, rather than demanding that yet another board adjust to their preferences.

The difference is I will be the sole arbiter, and it is interim until Reddit like self-policing can take over. There are not enough active users here now for it to work. And since my initial stated goal was a more unmoderated type of place, the plan is for more leeway.

But as I said in the other thread, I believe message boards are living breathing things. As a caretaker, I need to be flexible in changing with it, and listening to the members on what kind of community they want.

Let me know your final decision on what you are going to do going forward.

Is my proposal agreeable to you?

It is. Sent from my safe space

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In the absence of any disagreement or further feedback, I will attempt to utilize my proposal as outlined above.

Please be aware that mod action may include removal of posts. I removed the ones we had, if I missed any, please let me know.

I don’t anticipate having to be too strict based on my original philosophy and the wonderful behavior I know everyone is capable of. :wink:

Thanks everyone.


Make me moderator. I’ll clean up this town.

First rule you guys refer to me as

Sheriff… Sheriff Tyler

Or The Great One. And I’m a fair man. If someone accidentally forgets. I won’t ban them. They just get a 6 month suspension and have to pay a fee to get back on :smile:

Think about it :slight_smile:

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