Mothers of Invention and The Magic Band

Heavy metal thunder baby.

Lupos! I haven’t been in a bit

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Saw Dweezil last night. 1st walking out the hotel wearing the gold top Gibson, then on stage.

Amazing show

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Same here. Saw them in concert numerous times. Best ever was their Monster tour in Portland, OR in May of 1995. First time was the Green tour in April of 1989 at the Centrum in Worcester, MA. The Indigo Girls opened for them and I immediately became a fan of their music as well.

I forget which album REM had just put out, but when I saw them at the Centrum, I had a front row seat, due to my radio D.J. girlfriend at the time. The opening act was 10,000 Maniacs, and they were the better band that night. Michael Stipe seemed like he was on something. He bumped a monitor speaker mounted on a stand near the edge of the stage, and had I not reached up and caught both the speaker and stand, the whole assembly would have landed on my girlfriend.

A roadie crawled out and put the stand and speaker aright again, then gave me a high five and said “thanks.”

Also, in the break between bands, Natalie Merchant came down the side of the stage and pointed out someone in the front row to two women that were with her. My girlfriend told me it was a guy in the front row with whom she had hooked up on a previous college tour.

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Saw 10,000 Maniacs a ton of times too. Another band I love. Natalie still has that familiar swaying, swinging thing she does on stage.

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