MLB Postseason

I’m slow and have a hard time following the schedule when it’s this early. It appears the Twins could knock off the Yankees. Amirite?


Yuppers. But likely not. Yanks have owned them. I hope they knock them off but I won’t hold my breath. Minnesota always goes toe to toe offensively with the Yanks. And then they lose like 11-8 lol.

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My two favorite teams: The Red Sox, and whoever’s playing the Yankees.

I hope that means I won’t end up having to root for the frigging Dodgers.


Lol well said.

Thanks. Well then, go Twins!


As it stands the Twins have played the Yankees 7 times. Posting a 2-5 record against the Yankees.

Yankees in those 7 games have managed to score 48 runs to Minnesota’s 41.

It should be a very good series with a lot of runs scored (and I hope Minnesota can take them out) but in the end I don’t think Minnesota will be able to go toe to toe with them… But baseball is a strange sport that way. I guess it just depends who is the hotter team come October. :slight_smile:

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As for tonight’s game prediction, I am going with the Brewers. I honestly have zero clue why… Just a feeling

Scherzer is definitely the better pitcher but Woodruff is no slouch that’s for sure. In his last 28 innings pitched (6 starts) he has posted an ERA of 2.57. It’s also the 6th ranked offense in Washington going against the 17th ranked in the Brewers. All stats show Washington should win this game, but I just have a gut feeling that Milwaukee will somehow pull this off… Regardless should be a great game none the less.

3-0 Milwaukee. I am right so far.

Hey it’s Drew Pomeranz lol!!

Nats win wow. What a finish

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Brewskis went flat …

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Rays up 4-0 in the 3rd. Manaea out.

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Ya ugly start for Oakland. Hope they rebound. Still early.

4-1. Oakland coming back lol.

5-1. Looking lost for Oakland.

Oakland is toast.

Tampa and Houston it is.

I don’t know which team to root for anymore. I know who to root against though.


Lol I’m rooting for Atlanta and Tampa I guess.

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1st WS series without a sell out


I was thinking the same thing. The Dali Museum is often more crowded than Tropicana Field, and they’re only a few blocks away from each other.

The rink where the Lightning play is another story. It was crowded as hell the one time I went there. Must be the statue of Phil Esposito in front. Even the Winnipeggers wanted to pose for selfies in front of it.


That’s sad :frowning:

7-3 cards game wow.

Holy shit. 7-6. What a game.