I don’t really post at the Planet much anymore, but I do lurk there a bit. And I think that in its current iteration the site strikes a good balance between bigger catch all type threads and threads about more specific subjects.

I’m pretty sure UTs vision of this place isn’t for it to be a PP clone.

The other day I was going to start a thread in the Entertainment catagory for Heavy Metal music. I know a lot of people dont like it And I just figured I could post some stuff and just keep it all nice and tidy in one spot and out of everyone’s face. And it got me thinking about which direction we want to go here at BSU.

I know the simple answer is that we can (within reason) post what we want where we want. But I think that as BSU grows we need to at least give some thought to establishing maybe not rules but some… best practices? Traditions?

I guess at its crux the question is do we envision future BSU to be more of a message board, with less, bigger threads and a slower scroll of subjects in our feed or more of a social media outlet with more, smaller threads and a much faster scroll.

Or something in between.

Case in point: I have posted multiple TV and movie trailers in the Entertainment catagory. In the future is that a format we are comfortable with? Or would it be better to have a thread dedicated to trailers, and post them all there? While we are small with just a few regular posters it probably doesn’t matter. But how we do things now will affect how things are done in the future. Getting things the way we want them now will be a whole lot easier than trying to change things on the fly when we get bigger.

And to be blunt I will never be that message board traffic cop that berates posters for posting something in the wrong sub-sub-sub forum, unless its just inappropriate (boobs pics in the main forum, etc) or if I’m trying to help someone get more responses/help by posting in the correct place. Or if someone is just doing it to be intentionally problematic. But deciding on a structure now snd how we use it might be a conversation worth having.

I mean we dont need to set things in stone. But we can at least start thinking about it.

I have never liked mega threads, and I am all in favor of a faster paced new topic social media kind of thing. Anything can get its own thread and live or die on its own I think.

I think its entirely appropriate to have a thread started with a trailer for a new movie or show, rather than have a catch all thread for trailers. That’s boring.

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Some folks at the Planet are mean.

There is truth in this statement

Stop talking about me like that. I’m right here.

You know there was a time when I was younger and full of piss and vinegar that I would have worked very hard to turn this thread into a megathread.

Well, you already have a good thread title for it. It already IS a megathread thread.


If I could somehow create a thread titled Megathread, but have zero posts in it…I could rip a hole in the space-time continuum…

MEGATHREAD would be an awesome name of the house band for this place.


A heavy metal band called Megathread.

Wait…do any of us have any musical talent?

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I play the spoons or the comb/paper combo like no other.

I used to, but I think being a Corporate Drone for all these years has successfully killed most of my creative artistic brain.