Looking ahead to 2019


I’d say Kinsler, Pomegranite and Phillips are all definitely gone. Joey GasCans, Pearce, and EVOO just had huge post seasons, so someone throwing boatloads of cash at them is likely. I’d love to see the Sox at least try to keep them around tho.

And Craig Kimbrell. My cardiologist says you probably cost me three years of my life this post season. Here’s your ring, and thanks for the years of service but please take your ridiculous arm thing and go someplace else. Best of luck to you.

Trade Porcello to Keep Evoo

let Kimbrel walk and sign Left hook Kelly (and an old closer)

Pomagrante is juiced, let him walk

Phillips was done a solid being signed, helped win one game his 1st day and vanished- bye bye bye

Pearce I hope stays, I like he and Moreland as Platoon 1st basemen.

I also trade Vasquez, sign Swihart and catch him 2 out of 5 days to keep Leon fresh.

I hope Pedrioa retires and can take a year of Holt/Kinsler at 2nd.

work on signing Mookie/X/JD to long term deals now instead of next off season.

JBJ is a keeper IF he doesn’t go for broke on the salary. I long successful one team career at very good money is his if he wants it. and Maybe like Dewey Evans he becomes a hitter more in his later part of his career.

Kimbrell given qualifying offer, Joey Gas Cans and Pomegranite not.