Logging in with new layout

I’m not seeing a “login” button anymore on the front page.

I was able to log in by going directly to this URL:


Is this on mobile or desktop?

On mobile after logging out I couldn’t find a log in button either. I went to a topic and tried to reply while logged out and that brought me to the log in screen though

Two aesthetic things

I like the big font for the subject when you click on a thread. But maybe it should be slightly smaller. Championship isn’t such a big word it should be divided up

Also on mobile in the reply box its cutting off the top of my text a little. I don’t remember it doing that yesterday

So, I just found the login button is there, but you can’t see it because of the background color. Will be working on this.

I’m sure there is a reason to log out of a messageboard. But so far I haven’t found one. LOL

Its so you can hide from the moderators after you post about…

looks around



logs out

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Ok, skin changed. Login button now visible. A bunch of colors are different though. Overall I like it less, but its more important for things to be visible.

I will try to find this, but I am less optimistic about this one.

I would be super creepy if you changed your screen name to Jame Gumb while you slipped into and out of all these different skins.

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If you set your browser to clear all cookies on exit, then that logs you out of almost everything, because most websites store your login credentials in cookies.

Yeah, and I like that. So that was why I questioned it. :slight_smile:

This has been another “Tech Moment” with @sprocketboy?

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I meant I like being being kept logged in by cookies and everything that goes with it. :slight_smile:

You mean, like making it easier for websites to track you?

Fine by me. It’s still a free country … sort of.

can you change your font size in the settings? I think it is possible