Legion - season 3 - FX

This show isn’t for everyone, I will readily admit that. It is loosely based on a Marvel character named David Haller. Haller is the son of Charles Xavier and a non mutant woman. He is possibly the most powerful mutant to ever live. He also suffers from dissociative identity disorder, which makes him fairly unstable.

The show is a visually stunning. really really weird but brilliant at times mind trip. It takes great liberties with traditional television storytelling methods which turns off a lot of viewers. Its a show that requires a little effort to watch. It is not a show you can tune out to the background for 15 min and then start paying attention again and just figure out what’s going on.

Aubrey Plaza is fairly brilliant in this show by the way. If you are a fan of hers its worth watching just for her.

I’d recommend going back and starting from the beginning. FX has already announces season 3 will be the final season so catching up won’t be hard. Its just 19 episodes total in season 1 and 2, plus 8 more in season 3.

I’m not a huge fan of superhero stuff although I do enjoy some of the movies. This sounds fascinating and I really like Aubrey.

I will definitely check this out. Thanks.

This is not your typical superhero show. Haller is more if an antihero.

Also while I do not indulge, I could imagine this show being quite popular among the consumers of certain products.

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Awesome. I’ll check it out after the Sox game today.

Thanks again.

I forgot the music. Music is a HUGE part if the show. They do some cool as shit covers of songs.

Nice. Cant wait.

Now I’ve probably raised expectations to unreachable levels. Lol

Heheh. No. I go into shows with an open mind. You’ve just piqued my curiosity.