Kyrie who?

The cat doesn’t play defense but is an incredible offensive player. Do they win last night against Philly’s Big 5 last night with him while holding them to 102 after dropping 143 on the Lakers.

Is the team better without him I don’t know. But the D. was better and so was the ball movement.


I am not sure better but I am thinking they could be as good. What that means is totally up to Tatum and Brown pulling their heads out of their asses and Hayward to stop being a muffin ass and playing without fear of his ankle coming apart.

Well, in his defense Kyrie played what, 67 games last year before getting injured and they were rolling from day 1. The kids do seem to get their panties in a bunch with him.

And Heyward has been very good lately on both ends of the floor.

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Kyrie got them there, but the defense Brown played along with his scoring, minus the last game of the playoffs, was huge.

Was it a one time deal, OR a sign if times to come with him?

Tatum also seemed to play free.

as did Rozier.

Smart and Morris are your heart and soul, Al is Average :smiley: , but the children are the future to quote Dion Warwick.

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Truly an interesting question.

And plus one for the Average Al reference. :slight_smile:

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