Kiara Mia.....Im sorry i dont see it..... (safe for work)

I get that the thick aesthetic is all kinds of popular these days. But…i dont know…she just kind of looks boxy to me. I mean she’s not ugly by any stretch of the imagination, especially considering she is 41. But seriously Jimmy G is freeking gorgeous. Even my 100% hetero self can see that. The guy is in his prime, a millionaire and living on the west coast. He should be tearing a rip in the space time continuum by banging 23 year old model/actresses by the truckload. Not going on a date with a single soccer mom he met at the bar of an Outback while they were waiting to be seated.

And even if he just wanted to get his freak on and bang some porn stars, there are so many that are so much better looking. I mean thats what i have heard any way. Maybe he just has a mommy fetish?

EDIT: I wanted to add that Ms Mia is way out of my league. I was just trying to say i found her a strange choice of dinner companion for a guy who is in the upper hundredth of a percent in terms of single male bachelor desirability, moreso because of her age. I just dont find her so crazy gorgeous that, if i was him, i would jeopardize my future endorsement opportunities.

Geez im just digging this deeper and deeper.

*watches as all the BSU males slide away from him *

I don’t understand why anyone would want to date a porn star.

I wouldn’t.

Just no need to.

There are more desirable 41 y.o. With experience that wasn’t videotaped if that’s what your desire is.

Agrees with ThepAlmetToState

Okay, so I just did a Google Image search. She is nasty.

Carry on.

No one “dates” a porn star. Thats what makes their public “date” so baffling. I mean if he pans out as a top flight QB, he is a guy who realistically could be the face of the NFL in a couple of years. Why jeopardize that? If im a Niners fan all of a sudden i have to start wondering a little about his decision making. Did he think he was going to be able to have dinner at a public restaurant and no one would recognize him? Or her? That seems awfully naive for a guy who’s been a relatively high profile player in the NFL for 4 years, and who is now the second highest paid QB in the league.

I mean im not saying this is going to ruin him, its just like i said baffling.

Got him back into media. No publicity is bad publicity in some minds.