Kawhi Leonard and Paul George headed to Clippers


Get him out of the East and not to the LA Lebrons. Perfect.




Sorry man

You’ll always have 2019 tho.



Clippers are gonna be goooood. Sorry Lebron now you have Golden State, Houston and Clippers to worry about.


I’m not going to lie the only name I recognize on the Clips roster other than Leonard and George is Sindarius Thornwell and that’s just cuz he us a Gamecock.

Is there a good supporting cast there? Cuz the Clips basically filled a huge wheelbarrow full of draft picks and dumped them on OKC’s doorstep.


They do have 3 good young stars. They took golden state to 6 games in the playoffs.
They also got Paul George who is really good. Clippers will be a very good team. Doubt they are as good as Toronto. But they will be a top 5 team this year I think.