Kawhi Leonard and Paul George headed to Clippers

Get him out of the East and not to the LA Lebrons. Perfect.


Sorry man

You’ll always have 2019 tho.

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Clippers are gonna be goooood. Sorry Lebron now you have Golden State, Houston and Clippers to worry about.

I’m not going to lie the only name I recognize on the Clips roster other than Leonard and George is Sindarius Thornwell and that’s just cuz he us a Gamecock.

Is there a good supporting cast there? Cuz the Clips basically filled a huge wheelbarrow full of draft picks and dumped them on OKC’s doorstep.

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They do have 3 good young stars. They took golden state to 6 games in the playoffs.
They also got Paul George who is really good. Clippers will be a very good team. Doubt they are as good as Toronto. But they will be a top 5 team this year I think.