Julian Edelman arrested after allegedly jumping on car

Julian Edelman arrested after allegedly jumping on car

Edelman, 33, jumped on the hood of a vehicle on Saturday at approximately 9 p.m. PT, causing damage, police said. After the arrest, he was later released by police. In a statement, police said that Edelman is scheduled to appear at Airport Courthouse on April 13.

Former Boston Celtics star and current ESPN NBA analyst Paul Pierce posted a picture on Instagram last night of himself, Edelman and former Patriots receiver Danny Amendola in Beverly Hills.

Edelman is from Redwood City, California.

Edelman, who was named Most Valuable Player in Super Bowl LIII, was the Patriots’ leading receiver in 2019 with 100 receptions for 1,117 yards and six touchdowns.

He had played through shoulder and knee injuries and was recently named the team’s 2019 Ed Block Courage Award recipient.

A lawyer’s analysis of possible repercussions:

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