JLs Beautiful World Today

Thank you for your indulgence in advance. I hope the payoff is worth your effort. :blush::sparkling_heart::v:

Just got back from a walk to the store, beer in hand. My God’s is it gorgeous out.

I met a pretty young lady standing outside of a fundamentalist Christian church in what appears to be an old liquor store. The irony and significance didn’t escape me. Lol

What prompted me to go over and speak her was the beautiful ankle length white Sunday best dress with flowers on it and her radiant smile.

I’m paid her a just compliment with a kind smile and the smiling beauty of gratitude and visibility along with the pleasant conversation I received in return was a wonderfully rewarding payment.

Her God and then me made her Sunday shine. And in return my heart is shining with the light this sunlit day deserves.

And then upon returning home this happened.

OMG!! :heart::heart::heart::heart:

Cindy, my longtine girlfriend from years ago who always takes care of my soul to this day with epic love just shared with me a moment that just happened that rocked her world with love she never saw coming.

All the girls in her family, sisters and mom gave her this incredible gift for her 50th birthday.

I am in absolute tears of joy and epic sadness for the short time she may be able to ride the the free winds that has always been her destiny.

Such a beautiful heart.

I’m already mournful for what me and the world will lose if she loses this 5th battle with stage 4 cancer.

But goddammit I love her and the joy she’s feeling from such a heartfelt and thoughful gift completes my day. :heart::heart::heart::heart:

She now gets to ride the free winds with the love and respect she has earned many times over.

I love ya Cin. I sincerely wish you outlive the lifespan of the bike. :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


A good long stretch reaching toward the morning sky.
Loosening up the body.
Creates a huge yawn upon waking from a beautiful night.
The sun is shining.
The company amazing.
Incredible day ahead full of love and light.
Reach for the sky and let loose the soul.
We are the power.
Be the power.
Grab the glory.
The world is indeed moving.
Great things are afoot.

Good morning my friends. :fire::heart::heart::muscle::muscle:

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What a beautiful day after a beautiful night full of love and a helping hand I always hold out for those who deserve it. Those I love.

My best friend in many ways Jo turned 52 yesterday.

She spent a tragically sad Mother’s Day with 2 of her horrible daughters. A birthday that should have been beautiful, she so deserves it.

She ran as fast as she can almost 2 hours south to my eternal sunshine and love .:heart: :sun_with_face:

Drew her a bubble bath, poured her more than a couple of drinks. :cocktail:

Lent her my open and loving heart and ear.

Put on her favorite country music and we danced her sadness away.

This is what I offer my loved ones.

I love humanity and this is what I offer the world.

This is why those seeking truth and beauty in this life flock to me and love me in such unique ways and why those who can’t see beyond the trees despise my existence.

Life is beauty my friends.

It’s all in how we look at it.

Love or hate illuminates understanding of others souls.

I love it all. :sparkling_heart::fire:

Peace my gorgeous friends.:v:

Have a beautiful day!!!

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People often don’t understand that I am the big time.

I am the ball.

I love you all for the special beings and places you are. :heart: :v:

Beautiful life in a most believable beautiful world. :earth_americas:

"People say I’m crazy doing what I’m doing
Well they give me all kinds of warnings to save me from ruin
When I say that I’m o.k. well they look at me kind of strange
Surely you’re not happy now you no longer play the game

People say I’m lazy dreaming my life away
Well they give me all kinds of advice designed to enlighten me
When I tell them that I’m doing fine watching shadows on the wall
Don’t you miss the big time boy you’re no longer on the ball

I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round
I really love to watch them roll
No longer riding on the merry-go-round

I just had to let it go

Ah, people asking questions lost in confusion
Well I tell them there’s no problem, only solutions
Well they shake their heads and they look at me as if I’ve lost my mind

I tell them there’s no hurry
I’m just sitting here doing time
I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round
I really love to watch them roll
No longer riding on the merry-go-round

I just had to let it go
I just had to let it go
I just had to let it go"

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Down by the seaside
See the boats go sailin’
Can the people hear, oh
What the little fish are sayin’

Oh, oh, the people turned away
Oh, the people turned away

Down in the city streets
See all the folk go racin’, racin’
No time left, no-no
To pass the time of day

Hey, hey, yeah, the people turned away
The people turned away

So far away, so far away
See how they run, see how they run, see how they run, see how they run
Run-run, run-run, run-run

Do you still do the twist
Do you find you remember things that well

I wanna tell you
Some folk twistin’ every day
Though sometimes it’s awful hard to tell
Ah-ha, ah-ha, ah-ha, oh

Out in the country
Hear the people singin’
Singin’ ‘bout their progress
Knowin’ where they’re goin’
Yeah, yeah

Oh, oh, oh, oh, the people turned away
Yes, the people turned away

Sing loud for the sunshine
Pray hard for the rain
And show your love for Lady Nature
And she will come back again
Yes she will, yes she will

Oh, oh, oh, the people turned away
The people turned away

Don’t they know that they’re goin’

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Love can indeed move the world, one soul at a time.

Johanne (Jo Jo), Chara, Cindy, and Melissa…You were all there.

I have always loved you, and I’m doing great justice to the love, kindness and epic level devotion to the human being you all saw and loved me for. :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

"Where were you when I was burned and broken
While the days slipped by from my window watching

Where were you when I was hurt and I was helpless

Because the things you say and the things you do surround me
While you were hanging yourself on someone else’s words
dying to believe in what you heard

I was staring straight into the shining sun

Lost in thought and lost in time
While the seeds of life and the seeds of change were planted

Outside the rain fell dark and slow
While I pondered on this dangerous but irresistible pastime

I took a heavenly ride through our silence

I knew the moment had arrived
For killing the past and coming back to life

I took a heavenly ride trough our silence

I knew the waiting had begun
And headed straight… into the shining sun"