Jimmy G shoots his shot

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It was an innocent little comment that will be blown way overboard.

but go Jimmy

After all, he was mentored by Tom Brady.


Wont play for me for some reason.

Lmao I found the video. Good stuff. He’s a charmer haha

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He’d better watch his step. She’s married to Jarret Stoll, who, while not a goon, is a decent sized dude with his fair share of penalty minutes in the NHL.



Does this mean Jarret Stoll and her do the dance with no pants?

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they do the Lambada, the forbidden dance of Love!!!

The whole thing looked to me like Jimmy G channeling his inner Al Davis “Just Win, Baby” voice.

Based on the way he turned around afterward with the sheepish grin, I’m guessing he was thinking to himself “maybe I should have worded that differently.”


Just watched Mina Kimes and Sarah Spain dismiss this as no big deal on Around The Horn and all I can think about is Chris Rock…

if a man is your boss and says, “Hey, sleep with me, or you’re fired.” That’s sexual harrassment. And that’s the only thing that’s sexual harrassment! Everything else falls under “Just trying to get laid.” You can’t put a man in jail for that! I don’t care how hard he tries, that’s all he was trying to do! Anita Hill started this whole thing. It’s all about looks, you know? Because if Clarence Thomas looked like Denzel Washington, this would have never happened! She’d be all, “Oh, stop it, Clarence, you nasty! Your fine self!” So, what’s sexual harrassment? When an ugly man wants some? “Oh, he ugly! Call the police.

Jimmy Got Game

“Baby …?” Hmmm. She’s much older… maybe "mommie " is more accurate. 2nd part is how she was a contraversy waiting to happen, from her past. So that was a Jimmy mistake , much like his multiple picks and fumbles. Ooops.

Well he was seen eating dinner with that 40-something porn star that one time.

Also, welcome coolade.

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Not that there’s anything wrong with that… but he’s plucking the low hanging fruit… no pun intended …hehe

I do not see the attraction to Her. I mean she is not ugly but something I don’t like. I think she is over hyped.

Just my 2 cents

That whole “Peeping Tom in the Hotel” incident, for better or for worse, probably made her more famous than she would have otherwise been.


She has pointy elbows.

I’m pretty sure she’s out of my league:woozy_face:

Anybody get my tie in between older women and low hanging fruit…? I thought that was pretty clever… hehe :wink: