How invested are you in College sports?

Living in the Boston area I have season hoop tickets to a local D1 college but the Football around here sucks. I know college hockey is big but again I rather head to Providence Bruins game than college game. and Baseball is a better trip to Cape Cod league ball than anything.

anyone into college sports and attend many games and stuff.

I try to follow the teams from the two schools where I got my degrees (UMass and Cal), but they are both far enough away that attending a home game would be a difficult goal.

I did manage to see a few Cal basketball and football road games when I lived in Arizona.

For context, Cal usually fields competitive teams in football, basketball, and baseball.
UMass is more hockey, basketball, and lacrosse.

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I live in SEC country so I am required by law to be fully invested in college sports.

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I have Providence hoop tickets. great take. My cousin has BC hoop. can’t do football because we are too busy in the fall to add in those games but he travels to all the bowl games.

plus some NCAA tourney games, especially if in the area.

I have never been to a game up north but I’ve been to USC football, basketball and baseball games and the atmosphere is top notch.

That video I posted is how the football stadium is before every home game. Its insane. The stadium might be half empty by halftime, but the tailgating is fantastic and pregame energy is usually electric.

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