Helping In Africa

I have some African friends that are fighting for the cause of liberty in their statist and war torn countries. I just sent them a bunch of books on liberty and help guiding them always.

OMG are they so happy to get any help they can fighting against the warlords and their governments.

These are their countries founding founding fathers if they can win on intellectual grounds like ours won here.

I had to send the books secretly because they would be brutally murdered for reading such stuff.

One is just entering college and he wants to be armed with the best thoughts he can find on freedom.

These guys have my heart and soul.

Ideas move the world.

“There is nothing so powerful as idea whose time has come” - Victor Hugo.

And the time is now in Africa for many reasons.

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We fail to realize how blessed we are. It is insane they are threatened with Death for possesion of books.

That truly is Big Brother watching.

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Yes, and it is in this comparison that I find it so unbelievable that a lot of us don’t know how good we have it. I have a friend that I’m helping here in NH and all he does is bitch. He’s got food, shelter and mostly freedom. These guys over there are fighting for their lives.

I’m just about done helping my friend. This really puts it all in perspective.

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Too many of us take all we have for granted, I watch people do absolutely nothing to better themselves be the loudest complainers in the room.

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OMG! I’ve just been invited to go to and speak in Uganda, Africa. There is no way I can go cuz the plane tickets are so expensive plus paying body guards to protect a a liberty minded person in that abomination of country.

I’m thrilled to have been asked. But for now I will continue to be the resistance’s idea guy and support them the best I can from here across the pond.

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Lol, no you weren’t.

That’s a lie.

Yes, it’s a lie.

I’m aware.

Man oh man, this is a buzzing political discussion around here without me.

Taking away my thread starring privileges really made this forum take off!