Happy Mother Day

I know we only have a few memberless memberz here but we also have lurkers.

So Happy Mother’s Day to all my beautiful friends.

A very special Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who always has my back even when no one else does.

A pic from 15 years ago, the last one I have of us.

All dignity, all class in every way and all heart.

I love you so very much mom, you are one incredible woman.

See you soon!:heart::heart::heart:



Awe man. She looked like a wonderful woman!

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!!! All the beautiful mommas out there!!


She still is my friend. I speak to her for hours at a time often, at least twice every day. :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


Awe man that’s amazing. If you don’t mind me asking, how come that’s the last picture you have of you two?

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Honestly its because i am horribly remiss at capturing lifes beautiful moments on film.

My mind leans far more to the beautiful words I create.

But Im learning to capture those moments in picture nowadays.

A picture does indeed speak a thousand words. :sparkling_heart:

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